Deze uitnodiging ontvingen wij van Bill Greenwood. Wij hebben al eerder een uitnodiging ontvangen, maar kregen helaas niet genoeg speelsters. Het zat toen te dicht op het toernooi in Tilburg. Volgens deelnemers is het een hartstikke leuk toernooi. Wat slapen betreft, de Premier Inn heeft ook een website, ziet er prima uit, was niet duur (in 2020 twinkamer £ 70, incl ontbijt) en de LX ladies zaten er toen ook.

Hallo All,
It still looks as if we will be able to hold our 7s as planned and will have a final decision regarding the Saturday evening buffet at the end of June. The format is as in previous years. Aspirants should be around the 70 mark (Ladies 60) while Ancients ought to be 75-ish (Ladies 65). As there is no “official” regional 75s competition, the only group with a strict age limit is the Over 80s.
Each game will be played on a half pitch and will be 2 x 20 minute halves. Usual hockey rules, but using the halfway line as the 23m line in respect of free hits.
Each team can expect 2 games on each of the 3 days. Play is likely to start at 1100 on Friday and at 0900 on Saturday and Sunday.
The entry fee is £100 per team. It would be most helpful if teams would indicate their intention to participate as soon as possible, and entry fees should be paid by mid July.

The price per person is £13.00. .
Owing to current restrictions, it will be necessary for each individual to order from the menu (which will be circulated at the end of June) and to pay with their order by August 10th.

Wrenn School Astro pitch, London rd., Wellingborough.

Premier Inn London Road, Wellingborough. Tel: 08701977262 , This is about 300m from the pitch and is best booked on-line.
Hind Hotel. 38 Sheep Street, Wellingborough. Tel: 01933 222827, In the town centre, about 800m from the pitch. Moderately priced b & b.
Ibis. Enstone Court Wellingborough. Tel: 01933 228333, About 3 miles away.

Here’s hoping the event is as enjoyable as in previous years!
Look forward to meeting you all again.

Wil je mee, geef je op bij Anke Bernink, a.bernink@gmail.com